School Age Child Care

at George Washington Elementary School

Program Options and Rates

*A non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 is charged when a completed application is returned for enrollment.
Hours of Operation
Morning Care:     6:30 am - 7:30 am
Afterschool Care:     3:15 pm - 6:00 pm

* If you arrive later than 6:00 pm to pick up your child you will be charged a late fee.  This fee is $10.00 per child for the first five minutes.  After 6:05, you will be charged an additional $2/minute/child fee.
Monthly Rates
Morning Care Only:     $70.00/mo
Afternoon Only:     $195.00/mo
Morning & Afternoon:     $250.00

Drop In Rates
Morning Care:  $4.00/day
Afternoon Care:  $12.00/day
Full Day (Drop In):   $30.00/day

* If you choose the part time option please understand that we require a schedule in advance.  Also, the drop in option is dependent upon availability.  We must always maintain teacher/student ratios so we are careful to not over fill our program.  Please call at least 1 day prior to be sure that there will be space for your child.

SACC Daily Schedule
A.M. Program 
          6:30 - 7:30     LCS Center Choices
          7:30 - 8:15     Breakfast / Auditorium

P.M.  Program
          3:15 - 3:30     Check In & Snack*
          3:30 - 4:15     Outside / Gym / Homework
          4:15 - 5:30     Free Choice Time
          5:30 - 6:00     Clean Up /Centers/ Goodbyes

*We do provide an afternoon snack.  A snack schedule is posted in the SACC Office (LCS). 
Enrollment Information
There are several steps for those interested in enrolling a child in the SACC Program:
          1.  Call the Center (423-378-2467)  to set up a pre-placement visit.  You will be  given a tour of the facility and the necessary forms to be filled out.
          2.  When offered a slot, send in your application with the non-refundable yearly registration/materials fee of $10.00. 
          3.  Check to be sure that your child's immunization records are up to date and in the clinic prior to your child's first day.
          4.  Speak with the Director about a transition process that will meet the needs of your child. 

If your child is currently enrolled and you would like to register him/her for the next school year:
          1.  Complete the application and return it along with the non-refundable yearly registration/materials fee within one week after distribution.  This will reserve a space for your child.
          2.  Check your child's immunization record and update if necessary throughout the year.
           3.  Complete a new emergency card each August.