School Age Child Care

at George Washington Elementary School

Our Philosophy
     The SACC Program provides a unique opportunity for children to enrich what happens in school, to develop a self-identity by interaction with peers and to explore and take part in productive activities which challenge them.  The SACC program can provide one of the best environments for children of varying ages to live and learn together.  "School age child care" changes our society.  These changes are reflected in the fact that most jobs are outside the home, most two-parent households need two incomes, and nearly half of all children will spend some portion of their childhood in a single-parent house hold.

     Skills (sensory, motor, perceptual, and language) which are introduced during the course of the normal school day are enhanced through child centered and teacher directed materials and activities.  Activities in the after school program are provided to compliment the time children have already spent in school taking into consideration that children need  time to relax their minds and bodies.

     The child care staff is committed to these concepts.  We will provide opportunities for your child to explore the environment and interact with adults and peers while in a nurturing atmosphere.  A natural love for children combined with sensitivity and teaching skills will result in effective techniques that will benefit your child during the time after the regular school day ends.  Applying sound educational principles to our daily activity plans, we strive to extend your child's academic experiences.

     We hope to enhance our Washington partnership with you and your child.  Our goal is for your child to have happy, pleasant, and enriching experiences while with us after school.
Meet Our Team
  1. Donna Freeman
    Director I began working in SACC as an assistant in 2004 and soon moved to the position of lead teacher. I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from ETSU. I love after school care because I enjoy the opportunity we have to provide a home away from home where children can come to unwind and just be who they are. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 beautiful daughters, Jenna and Kelli.
  2. Mary Whitt
    Lead Teacher I have worked in the SACC program since 2013. I finished my Bachelor's degree in Human Services/minor in Human Development from ETSU in December of 2016. I love working with children of all ages. I spend my free time enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, playing with my dog Lulu, hanging out with my sweet neice, and working out at the Y.
  1. Kellie Aistrop
    Assistant I recently graduated from ETSU with an Art and Advertising degree. I have worked in the SACC program since 2013 and I have enjoyed getting know the children and their families. Our job can be a lot of fun! I also enjoying hiking in the mountains and spending time with my friends and family.
  2. Lindsey Ford
    Assistant I graduated from ETSU with a BS degree in Early Childhood and a minor in Special Ed. I have two dogs, Kix and Bear. I have worked at Washington SACC for 4 years and enjoy working with your children every day. They can turn any bad day into a good day.
  3. Chloe Lowe
    Assistant I graduated from DBHS in 2017 and am currently attending ETSU. I plan to major in Dental Hygiene. I love to dance and spend time with my family and friends. I attended Washington SACC as a student and later became a student volunteer when I was 13. I have worked in SACC for a total of 7 years as a volunteer and later as a part time summer assistant. The part of my job is seeing the kids having fun.
  4. Aaron Scalf
    Assistant I am 20 years old. I graduated from Dobyns-Bennett in 2016. I am working toward a teaching degree. My goal is to teach Social Studies at Dobyns-Bennett. I love to play Soccer & Basketball and to make people laugh.
  5. Macy Carmack
    Assistant I currently attend ETSU and am working toward becoming a speech and language pathologist. I have 1 younger brother and 3 dogs. I love to spend my free time invested in a good book and hanging out with friends and family. I also love to listen to music and am currently trying to learn how to play the piano. I attended Washington Elementary for grades K-5 and it is such a great experience to be back spending time with your children!
  6. Colton Chess
    Assistant I am 22 years old. I have an associate's degree in advertising and PR from NSTCC and am currently working toward obtaining my real estate license. In my free time I like to play basketball and spend time with my friends and family. The children in SACC are great! They make my day every time I clock in.
  7. Connie Browder
    Assistant I have worked with children for many years. I have been retired from Kingsport City Schools for 3 years, but you will see me here during the early morning care or sometimes in ECLC where I was a teacher for 13 years. I also tutor at Roosevelt, sub at Kennedy, and volunteer at the Exchange Place. I have a son and a daughter who have given me 2 great in-laws and 4 grandchildren who are very dear to my heart. I know how to love, care, and teach children of all ages and I feel that this is one of my purposes in life.
  8. Philip Edwards
    Student Assistant I am a Senior at Dobyns Bennett. I plan to pursue a degree in Elementary Education after graduation in May. I love to sing and play music. I am actively involved in the youth program at my church. I spend my free time playing basketball and hanging out with friends and family.